People of this association, 12 non-bank lenders in Latvia, possess agreed on the principles associated with fair commercial practice. GoodCredit has signed a Good Exercise Standard and agreed to produce a customer charter. As evidence of this, the company’s website hows the LNKA brand with all the inscription “ Responsible Lender”. The company’s website has a quite pleasant, convenient and easily readable design.

Quantities can be borrowed and how lengthy

Amounts can be borrowed and how long

The Loan Finance calculator on the main page can help you more easily assess what quantities can be borrowed and how lengthy. When registering for a mortgage, a customer profile is created where one can see your credit terms plus details of its repayment. You will find contact information on the GoodCredit homepage for contacting business representatives.


What we provide


GoodCredit offers quick loans, but this mortgage offer could also be considered as the long-term loan due to the dimension and maturity of the financial loans. The amount of money that can be borrowed is usually from 50 to truck euros with a repayment amount of 14 days to 24 months. GoodCredit offers its customers an initial loan of up to € three hundred and fifty free of charge, with or without interest plus commission for a 30-day phrase.

For any normal loan, interest is separately calculated based on the size from the loan

For any ordinary loan, interest is individually calculated based on the size of the loan.

And the pay back term. By transferring the kind of commission, the loan pay back term can be extended in situations where it is not possible to repay this in time. If the customer is usually registered on the GoodCredit home page, the loan can also be obtained via SMS if specific conditions are met. Whenever registering on a website plus applying for a loan, all the details should be given correctly so that the mortgage can be received within a couple of minutes. Applications are usually processed inside 15 minutes and, in the event of an optimistic response, the money in the accounts also comes in a few minutes.

In order to receive a positive reaction to the loan, the client should meet several conditions. There has to be a permanent resident of Latvia aged 20 to seventy with a declared place of home in Latvia. You need a free account with one of the Latvian banking institutions, an email address and a working mobile phone connection. Under no circumstances need to there be any poor credit history, late payments or even defaulted debt. There must also be regular income. Chances are to be an official job, yet other sources of income can also be presented if possible.