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2022 French MXGP Results

Personal News Cycle | June 7, 2022

The MXGP World Championship traveled to Ernée, France for round 10 of the series. A huge storm created muddy conditions in Saturday’s qualifying races, which saw a number of top riders miss the bikes altogether. Despite the early drama, things cleared up for Sunday’s Grand Prix. Frenchman Tom Vialle won the MX2 overall while Monster Energy Yamaha’s Jeremy Seewer took the MXGP win.

Two bikes, two holes for Red Bull KTM’s Vialle.


The first race of the MXGP division saw a huge pileup from the start that took away a handful of favorites, including points leaders Tim Gajser (Team HRC) and Maxime Renaux (Monster Energy Yamaha). Jorge Prado (Red Bull GasGas Factory Racing) was credited with the holeshot and started to lead the opening laps. Jeremy Seewer followed Prado for most of the race and executed a pass with just a lap and a half to go. Seewer went on to win the race against Brent Van doninck of Prado and Riley Racing. Gajser, meanwhile, had a disastrous bike with a number of mistakes and crashes. He crosses the line fifth.

The successes of Jeremy Seewer (91) and Glenn Coldenhoff (259) at the MXGP of France gave Yamaha a double podium.

Race two saw Prado again in the lead, completing his 11th hole of the season. Seewer started just behind Prado but was kicked off the main line and almost immediately dropped back to fifth. The two Yamahas of Seewer and Glenn Coldenhoff headed forward as the pair pulled up behind Prado. Towards the end of the race, it was Coldenhoff who found a passage on Prado. Soon after, Seewer ousted Prado from second place where the two would finish. Gajser again faltered several times and despite a number of attacks he finished fourth. Coldenhoff took the moto victory, his first since Latvia 2020, but it was Seewer who took the overall win. Prado finished second overall with Coldenhoff third.

VIDEO | FOX Holeshot: Monster Energy MXGP de France 2022


French fans cheered for their compatriot, Tom Vialle. The Red Bull KTM rider started third but fought his way to the lead after just a few laps. Monster Energy Yamaha’s Jago Geerts got off to a poor start but worked his way up to second place. He came close to striking distance but then fell on one of the tricky off-cams just before the finish line. This practically consolidated the running order as Vialle won the first race against Geerts and Simon Langenfelder (Red Bull GasGas).

Tom Vialle at the MXGP of France 2022
The local public cheered for their compatriot, Tom Vialle. The Frenchman took the overall victory in MX2 with a score of 1-3.

Vialle again grabbed the holeshot in race two. Yamaha’s Thibault Benistant raced just behind in second after a strong opening race and then took the lead from Vialle on the opening lap. Geerts again got off to a poor start but made several overtakes in the early sections of the track to move into third. The Yamaha rider then passed points leader Vialle, who made a big mistake but held onto third position. Up front, Benistant controlled the lead until the finish while Geerts and Vialle completed the podium. Vialle’s 3-1 scores earned him the overall ahead of Geerts and Benistant. NC

2022 French MXGP Results


  1. Jeremy Seewer (yam) 1-2
  2. Jorge Prado (GG) 2-3
  3. Glenn Coldenhoff (yam) 12-1
  4. Tim Gajser (Hon) 5-4
  5. Ruben Fernandez (Hon) 7-5


  1. Tom Vialle (KTM) 1-3
  2. Jago Geerts (Yam) 2-2
  3. Thibault Benistant (Yam) 8-1
  4. Kevin Horgmo (Kaw) 4-4
  5. Simon Langenfelder (GG) 3-5

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