French market

BTS Biogas consolidates its presence on the French market with the construction of two new plants

BTS Biogaz, technological leader in the development and construction of methanisation and biomethane units, announces that it is strengthening its presence on the French market with the construction of two new methanisation units in Brittany and Haute-France.

The Italian company has signed an agreement with Oudon Biogaz, a company grouping 72 farms in the Mayenne department, for the development of an agricultural biogas production project in Pays de la Loire. At the end of April, Oudon Biogas laid the first brick of the plant which will be built with BTS Biogas methanation technologies, in the town of Livre La Touche, near Craon, and will be operational in 2023.

Oudon Biogaz’s objective is to sustainably recover the more than 140,000 tonnes of manure produced on its 72 farms, 85% of which are agricultural by-products such as slurry, manure and straw, to generate 55 GWh of biomethane. per year, or the equivalent of the consumption of 9,000 families in the Craon basin. Cereal waste and by-products from local agro-industry can also be used to feed the plant.

The biogas produced will be routed to the national grid and will avoid the emission of approximately 14,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, which is the equivalent of the greenhouse gas emissions generated by 5,500 cars (with an average distance of 20,000 km/year). Instead, the digestate will be used in the 7,700 hectares of fields on the Oudon Biogaz farms. offering the possibility of reducing the use of chemical fertilizers. The Oudon Biogaz plant will not only contribute 25% of biogas production in the Mayenne department, but it will also create 10 jobs.

BTS Biogas has also signed an agreement with the farmers of the Lisières de l’Oise, for the development of the Vandy Biomethane project, in Saint Etienne Roilaye, in Haute-France. The biogas plant, which should be operational in 2023, will be supplied mainly by corn silage, CIVE and beet pulp which will generate around 250 Nm3/h. The plant will produce green energy for 3,000 families in the area, create 4 direct jobs, offer a new outlet for co-products and provide farms with digestate, a natural fertilizer with agronomic characteristics capable of replace chemical fertilizers.

“The construction of two new plants in France consolidates BTS Biogas’ position in the transalpine market, in a sector that has been growing rapidly in recent years,” said Franco Lusuriello, CEO of BTS Biogas.

“Our company, which has been operating on the French market since 2014 with 11 factories in production mode, nine under construction and a pipeline of 10 orders, contributes significantly to the development of this sector. In addition to the Vandy Biomethane project, we are also working on the Oudon Biogaz site, the largest methanisation site in France for treated volumes fed by more than 1,400,000 t/year of cattle manure.