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Business community calls for bringing 3.5 million identified tax evaders and non-filers back to the tax net – Latest News – The Nation

ISLAMABAD – The business community called on Sunday to bring all 3.5 million identified tax evaders and millions of other non-filers immediately into the tax net to broaden the base to relieve existing taxpayers.
Commenting on the federal budget, Federal Tax Ombudsman Coordinator and former Lahore Chamber Senior Vice President Meher Kashif Younis, Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee members Shahid Nazir and Mufti Yousaf Shah said drastic measures must be taken. taken against tax evaders and non-filers after a high level of impartial scrutiny, preferably conducted by a third party.
He lamented that Pakistan’s tax-to-GDP ratio of 9.5% is still lower than other South Asian countries while it is 46.2% in France, 46.0% in Denmark and 44.6% in Belgium.
He stressed the urgent need to expand the tax base exclusively with new taxpayers, which he added is oxygen for strengthening the national economy.
He said that sound taxation around the world plays a key role in the economic growth of nations and, in particular, it matters a lot in developing countries.
Meher Kashif said that although good steps have been taken to accelerate the pace of growth, excessive taxation of the construction industry will directly affect the 40 allied industries and urged the government to withdraw a new tax to help thrive the interconnected industries that provide jobs for millions of people. workers.
He said the construction industry tax was proposed without giving stakeholders confidence.
He hopes the government will withdraw it in a wider interest to help boost the construction industry which plays a key role in national development.