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Dickson, Kooyong results: Josh Frydenberg loses seat, Liberals in chaos

The Liberal Party is in crisis with the prime minister about to be ousted, the treasurer losing his seat and only one man left standing as a potential leader.

The Liberal Party is in crisis tonight with Prime Minister Scott Morrison set to be swept from office and the heir apparent to take over the top job, Josh Frydenberg, set to lose his seat.

Mr Frydenberg all but conceded defeat at the Kooyong siege, saying he could now have more time for a better father.

Flanked by his wife Amie, the treasurer was moved to tears as he paid tribute to his family.

“So while it’s mathematically possible for us to win in Kooyong, it’s definitely tough,” he said.

“But while the votes are still being counted, I wanted to take this opportunity to be here with Amie to say some thanks. Thank you to the people of Kooyong.

“Thank you to the people of Australia. Thank you to my party and my colleagues. But above all, thank you to my family.

“They say in politics that politicians are the volunteers and our families are the conscripts, and a truer word could not have been said. Because the fact is that I have been supported every day in this work by the partner most remarkable of life, in my wife Amie.

The fallout from the 2022 election could leave Queensland’s Peter Dutton the only man likely to take the helm, after facing a challenge from Labor’s Ali, France is still in the running.

Mr Dutton retained his seat after holding it for more than 20 years following his election in 2001.

It was a close race, however. As of 9:45 p.m. Saturday night, there were just 717 votes between Dutton and France, with more than 50% of the total votes in Dickson counted.

Mr Frydenberg’s primary vote in the Kooyong seat was reduced after a deadly battle with Dr Monqiue Ryan.

The Australian‘s Troy Bramston said what was happening had left the Liberal Party in its biggest crisis since World War II.

“The Liberal Party is experiencing its greatest crisis since 1944 – not losing government but losing its grassroots base in well-to-do seats like Kooyong, Goldstein, Higgins, North Sydney, Mackellar and Wentworth,” he said.

“A crisis of identity, of constituency, of leadership.”

The good news continues for Labor in Lilley, where the ALP predicts a 4% swing, which would put Labor on a 2PP of 54.

They already hold that seat so it’s not a change.

But something interests us: the Liberal occupied the seat of Chisholm in Victoria. With 5,000 primaries counted, Labor expects 52% of 2PP. So it looks like a victory for the PLA.

Follow our election blog live for the results of each seat as they are called throughout the night

Higgins, the former seat of Peter Costello, also fell to Labor tonight, with Michelle Ananda-Rajah knocking out Liberal MP Katie Allen.

Another surprise appears to come with the NSW seat of Bennelong coming back strong for Labor with 11,000 votes counted, and ALP predicting a 54-46 2PP in Jerome Laxale.

The Liberal Party has held Bennelong since 2010, but incumbent MP John Alexander is retiring, with Simon Kennedy replacing him.

Despite early good news, it is not the clear Labor victory suggested by previous opinion polls.

“At the moment what I see is a hung parliament,” the ABC’s Antony Green said tonight.

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