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E-commerce entrepreneur, Olympic curlers and charity gardener among recipients of Stirling Birthday Honors

Stirling businesswoman Ann-Maree Morrison has been awarded an MBE in recognition of her services to women in business and the economy.

In 2004, Ann-Maree became one of the nation’s first entrepreneurs to embrace and excel in the e-commerce industry, when she established her multi-award-winning online business,

Since then, in addition to founding her free e-commerce club in 2011, she has also been appointed co-chair of W20 UK, the gender equality advisory group to the G20 for the UK.

Ann-Maree, born in Australia, moved to the UK in 1990 to work in chartered accountancy, then retail and moved to Scotland in 1995 as a management consultant. Her early experiences growing up with a parent in the retail business motivated her to pursue her studies in math and languages ​​(French and German).

Ann-Maree’s business was founded after raising her family and was also involved in a serious car accident.

These two life-changing events refocused what was important in life for her, and a new venture into e-commerce with the award-winning was the result.

Since founding in 2004, Ann-Maree has taken an active role in supporting other newbies in business or education, and contributes in any way she can.

In terms of her services to women in business, Ann-Maree was a specialist adviser for many years to the Scottish and UK governments on issues relating to SMEs, women in business and e-commerce, as well as W20 internationally for the past six years.

A contributor to the Report and Ecommerce Task Force for Europe in 2012/13 with Lord Young, and a supporter of the Institute of Ecommerce in Scotland, Ann-Maree has also advised the W20 on gender equality with a specialist area in digital and SMEs. She is a former president of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Scotland and an ambassador for Women Enterprise Scotland.

With the Ecommerce Club, Ann-Maree freely shares her e-commerce knowledge and expertise with others with the aim of developing a supportive and highly skilled community of Scottish e-commerce specialists. She is also heavily involved in mentoring and speaking to young people about e-commerce, entrepreneurship and language learning.

Ann-Maree worked with Young Enterprise Scotland as a former board member and judge. She has hired and helped many university students and believes it is important to instill in the younger generation the importance of equality in everything from caregiving to work-life balance to day-to-day work. in business and helping others in all their diversity, up the career ladder.

She said: “I am delighted to be the recipient of this honor from Her Majesty, especially in this Jubilee year, and am delighted to share it with my husband and family who have encouraged and supported me as a entrepreneur and business leader.

“Given that my award was for service to women in business and economics, I think Her Majesty summed it up perfectly when she recently said, ‘Change has become a constant; its management has become a growing discipline”. It is so relevant for both e-commerce and business women.

Ann-Maree added: “It is of the utmost importance that e-commerce is more widely taught by specialists in the field, as the sector is evolving at an unprecedented rate.

“To the best of my knowledge, there are still no fully accredited e-commerce courses approved in the UK, but there is an ever-increasing demand for qualified and quality candidates to enter the sector. There is tackling this issue head-on is essential to developing the UK economy, particularly given the accelerated pace with which e-commerce has grown in the wake of Covid-19.

Stirling’s Winter Olympic gold medalist curlers were also recognized.

The five-member Muirhead team and coach David Murdoch, all based at PEAK in Stirling, received accolades after winning honors for Great Britain at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Skip Eve Muirhead picked up an OBE, while fellow team members Vicky Wright, Jen Dodds, Hailey Duff and Mili Smith – along with British curling head coach Murdoch – picked up MBEs in the prestigious list.

The gold medal-winning curling team – who train in Stirling – have been recognized in the list

The news comes after vice-captain Vicky, who also works as a nurse at Forth Valley Royal, announced her retirement from the sport last month. She told the Observer that the news of the award was a “special moment” she was able to share with her family, including her grandparents.

Vicky added: “It was really, really cool to hear that I got an MBE and I didn’t really know how to react – it’s amazing. It’s the icing on the cake after stopping the sport. »

Skip Muirhead, who was awarded an MBE for his services to curling in 2020, paid tribute to his team as they reflected on a special and very successful year.

She said: “I’m so happy that all the girls are getting their MBE’s and the recognition for all that hard work and achievement and I know a lot of them have so much more to offer in sport and they have a beautiful future ahead of them. ”

Finally, Balfron’s wife, Charlotte Hunt, has been recognized for her work with Scotland’s Gardens Scheme over the decades.

Charlotte (74), Honorary Vice-President of Scotland’s Gardens Scheme, first got involved as a girl, with her mother helping the organisation.

She became a regional organizer in Stirlingshire and became chairman of SGS for five years from 2002.

Charlotte Hunt, Honorary Vice-President of Scotland’s Gardens Scheme who received an OBE in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Honors

She said of her OBE: “I am very honored and delighted. I am very happy not only for myself, but also for Scotland’s Gardens Scheme, which is such a wonderful charity.

“Officially I have been involved with SGS since 1978, but unofficially since I was a child.

“My mother worked for SGS and I helped her create posters advertising the gardens to visit.

“It has been a lifelong interest.

“And I think this honor is particularly special as it is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. That’s wonderful.”