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Google may join Indian government’s e-commerce platform ONDC

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Google may join Indian government’s e-commerce platform ONDC

Google is in talks to integrate its online shopping services with the Indian government-sponsored marketplace ONDC. Many people might be a bit surprised to learn that our own Indian government has got into e-commerce. But the thing is, the Indian government has already soft-launched its e-commerce platform. And Google is probably the first major tech giant to have expressed a desire to be part of this e-commerce platform. The Indian government is launching this platform in a bid to end the dominance of Amazon and Flipkart in the e-commerce industry in India. And now it’s a very ambitious goal. However, it is still unclear when the Indian government plans to officially launch the online market.


The ambassador car is back in a new avatar

Remember that iconic white ambassador’s car, which in its heyday was used by India’s political elite. Well, this iconic car is making a comeback once again in a brand new avatar. Ambassador’s all-new car will be available in an electric version. And remember, according to the pictures and photos released by various media portals, Ambassador’s electric car looks absolutely “sexy” and “cool”. Hindustan Motors, which makes Ambassador cars, has teamed up with French car giant Peugeot. By the way, Hindustan Motors will also manufacture electric two-wheelers.


Elon Musk advises Jeff Bezos: party less and work more

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Elon Musk, the outspoken tech billionaire, gave some pretty stern advice to Amazon boss Jeff Bezos. Musk recently tweeted on Twitter that Bezos should focus less on partying and be more mindful of his work. The Tesla boss also added a cryptic tweet that Bezos’ space company Blue Origin could suffer if he doesn’t focus on his job. Bezos, on the other hand, did not respond to Musk’s tweet; probably knowing full well that Musk has a habit of taunting famous celebrities on Twitter. More importantly, Musk and Bezos were never good friends. The two billionaires have shared an icy relationship for more than a decade.


Britney Spears sparks controversy by posting nude photos on Instagram

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Pop singer Britney Spears has found herself in a new controversy. This after Spears re-posted her series of nude photos recently on photo-sharing platform Instagram. At the end of the evening, the famous pop singer published many photos of her naked on the photo-sharing platform. Spears justified her controversial action by saying she now has more confidence in her body. And her nude photos are an expression of that confidence. Notably, just last week, Madonna was banned from Instagram Live for posting her nude photos.


Jack Dorsey resigns from the Twitter Board

Twitter CEO attends 'dmexco' in Cologne
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Jacy Dorsey’s journey with Twitter is officially over. This after he resigned from Twitter’s board last week amid all the fuss over Elon Musk’s $44 billion buyout deal. Dorsey’s resignation from Twitter’s board comes as no surprise, especially after he stepped down as Twitter’s CEO last year. This man has been with Twitter since he co-founded the company in 2006. He was instrumental in making Twitter one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.