French market

MMPRC launches a new campaign with Veepee targeting the French market

The Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) is launching a new destination marketing campaign in association with Veepee to boost the popularity of tourism in the French market.

According to the Maldives’ main tourism promoter, the new marketing campaign aimed at maintaining the island nation as a top holiday destination, which kicked off on June 13, will run for ten days.

During the joint campaign, MMPRC and Veepee will promote various Maldives tourism products, including resorts and guesthouses, and other tourism avenues.

Marketing efforts will also focus on showcasing the distinct and unique tourism experiences offered in the destination.

As part of the campaign efforts, the Maldives as a tourist destination will be promoted on Veepee’s homepage, which is said to attract over three million organic visitors.

Veepee will create a website dedicated to promoting the island nation’s tourism which will be accessible through the company’s official website.

In addition to this, Veepee will mail destination information to a total of nine million visitors.

MMPRC confirms that the campaign is part of its current marketing strategies to boost the popularity of tourism and maintain the momentum of the destination in the French market.

Veepee is a French company focused on tourism with the concept of flash sales, and is hailed as a leader in Europe in the field of flash sales with a total of 24 million members.