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Perry Central golf finds the stride | Perry County News

JASPER — Perry Central golf course faced fierce competition Monday with Forest Park and Springs Valley. After the game, they felt challenged as to where they needed to be to be successful.

With Forest Park and Springs Valley winning the sections and advancing to the regional round, Perry Central wanted to compete. Head coach Zeb Coultas described their preparation.

“Today we played two teams that qualified for regionals last year on a course that hosts this year’s section in June,” Coultas said. “So the plan for this game was to come out and challenge ourselves to see where we are as a team.”

To find out how Perry Central is looking to use this encounter to improve, the Commodores are counting on seniors like Ben Berkhouse and Jace French. For example, according to Coultas, French’s ability to play calm and composed influences the team.

“Jace French is a kid who doesn’t let a lot of things get him down on and off the course,” Coultas said. “He put a lot of pressure on him to do well the season. Accordingly, he prepares for the lecture time.

Apart from their seniors, Perry Central sees production from other golfers such as Aiden Taylor and Hunter Kellems. Coultas described their game as very useful and stable. Still, overall, Coultas thinks Perry Central haven’t played to what they are capable of.

“The team has been steady this year with points,” Coultas said. “But with more than halfway through the season, we haven’t played our best golf yet.”