French tax

Transportation sales tax on the ballot – Orlando Sentinel

Pamela Nabors, President and CEO, CareerSource Central Florida

Last week: BOOKSTORES, COME BACK: A Sentinel article highlighted Barnes & Noble’s efforts to reinvent their brand. Bookstore empires are updating their image and gaining momentum again, focusing on book lovers like me. The B&N near me recently closed and I miss it! Although I can order a book in practically less than a day from Amazon, I treasure bookstores that give me a quiet moment to browse and lose myself in the potential of a story. I wish more bookstores would come back and provide a soothing moment to our news-weary souls.

Look forward: MAY CELEBRATIONS: May Day is May Day, and in addition to flowers, the month brings many holidays, which reflect the diversity of our country. From Cinco de Mayo to Memorial Day, Kentucky Derby Day, Mother’s Day and countless graduations, the month is filled with celebrations and gatherings of family and friends. And now that it looks like COVID-19 is firmly in the rearview mirror, this month promises to be filled with fun, food, and opportunities to come together and make memories again. Then longer days ahead and fun celebrations. Summer is fast approaching.