French market

“Zespri kiwifruit still have great growth potential on the French market”

Three weeks ago, the import company Terragaïa launched the Zespri SunGold kiwifruit campaign. Sales of this product have been growing steadily for several years on the French market. “Zespri SunGold kiwifruit are a ‘real good product'”, explains Gilles Lagache, Managing Director of Terragaïa. “The fruit is highly appreciated by consumers, thanks to its consistent quality.

Quality as a signature
For more than 40 years, the company has grown with the brand, which initially concerned only the green kiwi. “We have experienced the entire evolution of Zespri, which has been organized and structured into a great success story. It all started with the New Zealand Kiwifruit Marketing Board which, after noticing the success of New Zealand kiwifruit for export, decided to give them a name. The Zespri brand is created, with quality as its signature.

Consumers should have the same pleasure in eating a Zespri kiwifruit, regardless of the consumption season. New Zealanders work hard to provide a product of consistent taste quality, while respecting their land, a value deeply rooted in Maori and New Zealand culture. They have this image of a nourishing land that must be protected, which goes far beyond any marketing objective. Zespri was created in the continuity of these values ​​and has structured the sector. The New Zealanders have therefore succeeded in building a real partnership between producers and players in the sector that goes beyond simple commercial exchanges. Working with them is a very rewarding experience. »

Growing sales volumes
Zespri kiwis are produced in New Zealand and Europe, so it is now possible to find them in France 10 months a year. The aim is to have Zespri kiwifruit available all year round by juggling the different origins. “Production is constantly growing, as well as sales volumes on the French market, despite the fact that it is an imported fruit. Nobody wants a bad imported product, so when it’s still tasty, there’s real demand. Consumers want Zespri kiwifruit, simply because they never disappoint. The product really has great growth potential in the French market.

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